Discussion: PESTL Environment

Assignment 2: Discussion: PESTL Environment GLOBALIZATION is characterized by networks of international linkages that bind countries, institutions, and people, in an interdependent economy (Deresky, 2021). INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT is the process of developing strategies, designing and operating systems, and working with people around the world to ensure sustained competitive advantage (Deresky, 2021). The global Political, Economic, Sociocultural, Legal, and Technological, environment impacts leadership and management’s perspectives and decision-making. Risks must be carefully evaluated prior to decision-making for entry into markets or creation/revision of organizational strategies. Instructions: Please post your initial post (by 9/26), which should include no less than 120 words that are well informed, well written, and cited as necessary. Your response to 2 classmates (due by 9/28) should be no less than 60 words. Please include statistics and cite your scholarly source(s) within the paragraph(s). Provide an APA 7 Reference section. The textbook and lecture notes provide foundation and are obviously a credible source. Consider the textbook as foundation; however, do not limit your responses to just the textbook. Consider (but do not be limited to) the following sources — the Financial Times, The Economist, Wall Street Journal, East Asia Economic Forum, Global Times, Bloomberg News, Goldman Sachs podcasts, BBC News, Indian Economy. (HINT – Professor requires a basic definition of terms and credible source(s) to substantiate definition, from the textbook (Deresky, 2021). Provide one-two sentences defining each environment). Please discuss and substantiate the following: 1. Define and explain the risks involved in the global political, economic, sociocultural, legal, and technological environments. There are several risks. List 3 risks for each of the 5 environments. In your discussion, provide EXAMPLES of risks linked to the chosen risks. CITE using in-text citations. 2. Specifically, what can managers/leaders do to manage/mitigate the risks you have chosen? CITE (in-text citations) or indicate that information is based on experiential knowledge.

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