EEC1311-Early Childhood Curriculum II

EEC1311-Early Childhood Curriculum II

Visual Arts Experience Presentation Guide

Directions: In order to ensure the presentation has a specific flow and we are within a timeline I am providing this guide to assist you in your presentation. This follows the rubric being used to grade your work. Read the guide below for the expectations of the Visual Arts Experience PowerPoint Presentation. Everyone will have the opportunity to present on the date provided.

Title Each Slide

Lesson Plans- Include a picture of both lesson plans in a PowerPoint presentation and explain what you created.

Open-ended Questions Your PowerPoint includes the 3 open-ended discussion questions promoting children’s development and learning and ensuring it relate to the project. When presenting explain why you chose these questions.

Collection of Samples-In your PowerPoint include pictures of the 4 samples of free expressions children’s art from 3 and 4-year-olds and ensure the samples are thoroughly labeled and have dictation of the student explanation.

Samples Analysis of Artistic Development -In your PowerPoint include pictures of the 4 samples you accurately analyzed and include which stage of artistic development you identified the sample for. Explain why. Share your interpretations.

Samples Analysis-Communicating with Families & Professionals- How you would communicate and share your assessment documentation and findings with families and other professionals is provided. Add to your PowerPoint and explain.

Variety of work samples- documentation- There is a variety of drawings and paintings collected from both lesson plans. Add pictures and explain them.

Appropriateness of work samples- All 8 samples incorporate the use of crayons, markers, chalk, or easel paint. There are no dittos, worksheets, collages, or finger paintings included. Add to your PowerPoint what type of materials you used.

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