Discuss the Fall of Freddie the Leaf

1. Discuss the Fall of Freddie the Leaf. 2. Discuss loss of energy in the dying process. 3. Discuss the unique experiences that come with age, including Alzheimer’s Disease, as people grow older. 4. Caregivers and therapists often experience burnout. Discuss how this affects them. 5. Discuss the subject of depression as it is involved in the grief process. 6. Discuss how military families experience anticipatory grief. 7. Discuss multiple losses experienced by senior citizens that exacerbate their grief. 8. Discuss Ecclesiogenic Depression, especially the way churches create guilt in their members. 9. Discuss how professionals learn that the fear of death is universal, especially what the fear of death does NOT say about our faith. 10. Discuss the purpose of the dying process .

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