Business Capstone Project


In this phase of your Capstone Project, you complete the first five pages of the Capstone

Project. This page requirement does not include the cover page and the reference

page. You will begin to organize the Capstone project by developing goals and


Business Capstone Project


You will focus on developing the goals and objectives of your project. You will be

conducting in-depth research and identifying sources necessary for your plan. According

to your research:

  1. You should state your problem or opportunity (Approximately one-two


  1. Give a general background of this issue (Approximately one page)
  2. You will create 3-5 overreaching goals and 4-5 SMART objectives for each goal.

Please see Until 3 Readings and Resources for further explanation of creating

both goals and objectives. (Approximately 3 – 4 pages). Note: these goals and

objectives will likely be modified as you build the rest of your paper to further your

research through the coming weeks


  • Your Topic Statement should include the sections listed in the instructions.
  • Your research should include at least 5 professional resources
  • Length: 5 pages, excluding title page and references.
  • APA is required (in-text citations and formatted reference page), including section

headings and 3rd person voice.

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