Analysis of Epidemiology Study Designs

Week 4 Assignment

Write a 2-3 page report identifying and explaining your analysis of the strengths and weaknesses, advantages, and disadvantages of the following Observational Study Designs discussed in Chapter 7.  Also, include a 1-2 paragraph summary explaining which study you think has more advantages over the others and why. You may include an example for further support.

  1. Ecologic
  2. Cross-sectional
  3. Case-controlled
  4. Cohort

1.  Title your report “Analysis of Epidemiology Study Designs”.
2. Your paper should fully discuss your topic and your opinions must be fully supported by research. The paper must cite at least 2 different references (no more than 5 years old) which should include peer-reviewed articles from scholarly journals
3.  Your paper must be written using APA format, including the title and reference page.   Use 1- inch margins and a 12-point Arial or Times New Roman font.
4.  A running head is not required for this paper, but you may use one if you choose.
5.  Each study design should have its own heading, centered, or left flush in the margin.
6.   Be sure to proofread before submitting.  Check for errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation before submitting as the quality of your work will influence your grade.

This assignment should be in APA format.  Grammar, spelling, and quality will influence your grade. For information about APA formatting and citations visit the GMC Library Guide on Citation Management at

1.  You may number your answers and provide separate paragraphs discussing each scenario rather than utilize an essay format.

2.  Upload your paper as a Word document to this assignment before the deadline and use the following protocol:  Last name, first name – PBH-333


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