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Imagine that you’re a member of the White house task Force to protect Students from Sexual assault. You’re proud of the report Not Alone, which received wide publicity and positive responses from universities. Now you want to create a powerpoint report for easier reading, and you start with the executive summary page. See the full report at https://www.notalone. gov/assets/report.pdf and the current executive summary in the Reference Manual, section B. >>> Process 1. Who is your audience for the report? 2. What is most important for your audience to know? how will you summarize the 23-page report (which currently includes a four-page executive summary) into just one page? Describe your strategy for identifying main points. 3. although the page will be mostly text, what graphical elements can you use to add visual interest and make it easier to read? Consider simple approaches, such as boxes, fonts, bullets, and colors. >>> Product Create your one-page executive summary using powerpoint or another presentation software.

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