Careers in Pharmacy and Dietetics

Careers in Pharmacy and Dietetics

The lecture from our registered dietician touched on the point that a dietician and a nutritionist are very different in terms of their training and educational background. More specifically anyone can call themselves a nutritionist, there is no formal license or standard certification process for this designation.  However, as you now know, the path to becoming a registered dietician is much more complicated and comes with extensive educational, training, and licensure/certification requirements.  Most people are surprised to find this out!

I’d like you to reflect on the difference and address each of the following questions:  (a) Did this information surprise you or did you already know the difference between the two designations?  (b) Have you or someone close to you had any personal experience with a nutritionist that you now question? (c) Will you look more closely at what kind of professional endorses the supplements, vitamins, etc. that you consider taking? Feel free to post any other thoughts related to this topic. Responses may be only one paragraph, but no more than two.

After posting your response, read your peers’ thoughts and reply to at least one classmate.

Be sure to review the requirements for discussion board posts from the syllabus. Don’t forget to review the rubric prior to writing your post. 

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