NURS6440 Quality and Safety in Healthcare

NURS6440 Quality and Safety in Healthcare

Assignment #4


Student’s Name: ________________________________________

Title of Paper: __________________________________________

TASK: The purpose of this course assignment is to guide the doctoral student in the development of NURS6440 Assignment #4. The grading rubric was developed for this course assignment using elements of the assigned course readings and the assignment instructions.

The points possible for each section are weighted for each section as noted here. Remember to cite evidence and relevant literature:

– Introduction /Background
– Description of Your Practice Setting
– Description of What Concepts of Quality/Patient Safety and Disparities/inequities in Care   You Have Identified in This Setting.
– Review of Literature Around Chosen Concept(s)
– Describe How You Would Design a Change. Strategy for your Practice Site and Develop One AIM Statement and The First PDSA Cycle You Would Implement
– How Would You Know Whether This Change Works or Not?
– Presentation, Formatting, Use of Standardized Template

Element of Paper Comments   Title Page (1 slide)   Introduction                                                                                                                       ____/5 pts Description of Your Practice Setting                                                                                                                                                                 ____/5 pts.         Description of Concepts You Are Focusing On                                                                                                                                  ____/20 pts.   Review of Literature Around Selected Change Concept                                                                           ____/20 pts.   How Change Strategy Designed                                                                    _____/30 pts.   How Would You Know if Your Change Strategy Worked?                                                                        _____/10 pts.   Presentation skills meet doctoral expectations including: avoided from reading directly from slides, responses to challenges, staying within the designated time allocated for presentation. Presentation slides are: Free from misspelling Are organized and numbered Presentation is on Rutgers School of Nursing Template References In-text References and Reference List are formatted appropriately                                                                                                                                    _____/10 pts.       

                                                                               Total – ____/100 pts.

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