Family Life Education Powerpoint

Family Life Education focuses on healthy family functioning within a family systems perspective and provides a primarily preventive approach. Demonstrate your newfound understanding of family education by creatively constructing a collage In constructing your collage you may utilize an online tool (e.g. animator, voice thread etc.), PowerPoint or other creative avenue to display your collage and answer the question What is Family Life Education?

In constructing your collage, be sure to include the following:

Through the pictures selected , identify at least 5 family life education concepts that you have come to understand and deem important.
Provide a short reflection (400-500 words) explaining your collage. Answer the question: What Is Family Life Education? as you reflect on the key concepts. Review your course readings, use additional research, as well as life experiences. Please create your reflection in a word document and do not include it with your collage. Include a title page and a reference page as well.

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