Discussion on homelessness

My decision to focus on homelessness as my final project topic stems from an increase in the number of people living on the streets in my city. The rise in homelessness piques my curiosity in unraveling the complex web of factors contributing to this prevalent problem. Homelessness, as a societal problem, encompasses issues such as a lack of affordable housing, mental health concerns, and systemic barriers that prevent individuals from breaking free from the cycle of homelessness (Unanima International & Quinn, n.d.). My goal in focusing on these diverse elements is to untangle the complexities of homelessness and identify potential pathways for intervention and resolution. Through my investigation, I hope to get a more nuanced knowledge of the varied nature of homelessness and contribute to the larger conversation about this pervasive societal issue.

Discussion on homelessness

I chose to explore the social issue of homelessness for my final project, using sociology and psychology as my guiding social science disciplines. Sociology will provide a macro-level examination of societal institutions and policies causing the problem of homelessness. This viewpoint is critical for comprehending the larger systemic aspects contributing to the problem, such as housing affordability and social inequality. Psychology, on the other hand, will provide a micro-level investigation, diving into the specific experiences and mental health issues faced by persons who do not have secure housing. This perspective will offer detailed insights into homeless people’s problems and coping techniques (Kaushik & Walsh, 2019). The use of sociology and psychology was deliberate to examine the difficulties underlying homelessness thoroughly. I hope to bridge the gap between systemic impacts and individual tales by integrating these two disciplines. This multidisciplinary approach recognizes the linked nature of society systems and personal experiences, allowing for a more thorough understanding of the problem.


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