Applied Sciences Assignment

Please choose two projects to implement from the following list.
You need to make sure the problem to be solved is challenging enough. For example, you may
use an array of 20+ elements, a matrix of student-hospital with 20+ candidates, a graph with
20+ nodes/edges and so on. Please define clearly the input and output of your problem.

  1. Gale-Shapley algorithm
  2. Breadth-first search
  3. Depth-first search
  4. Dijkstra’s algorithm
  5. Minimum spanning trees
  6. Bellman-Ford algorithm
  7. Dynamic programming
  8. Linear programming
  9. Cashers’ algorithm
  10. Flood fill
    Submission: A single PDF (with your code link) with results and analysis.
  11. Please include your pseudocode, problem statement, input sequence, and output in the
  12. Report template:
    a. Introduction and Background (aims/motivation, review/research),
    b. Project Specification (goals/objective, problem design, and expected solution),
    c. Implementation (evaluation, such as case studies),
    d. Summary (conclusions),
    e. Reference.
    Note: if you use python, you can attach code link from Google Colab. If you are using other
    programming language, please attach an online complier link so we can run your code.

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