Telecommunications Engineering : Conflict Strategy Assignment

This is a more comprehensive conflict assessment exercise, in which you are to analyze a
conflict that you were or still are personally involved with in the past six months. This analysis
will use concepts learned in class from readings and videos to look at the causes of the conflict,
as well as additional theoretical material that might help you better understand the conflict. The
goal is to equip for strategic responsiveness in conflict situations.
This assignment will expand your communication praxis abilities, putting theory to work in the
world in order to become a stronger communicator and leader. The audience for this brief is your
professor. It should be written as though you are submitting it to them for review and discussion.
Complete the brief by following these content and style requirements.
1. Using 5 – 7 significant ideas (in total) from our main texts in this class, analyze your
conflict situation and provide a constructive response—even if it is the decision not to
respond. (NOTE: All three main texts must be clearly represented with well-developed
connections in your response).
a. Consider the Hocker-Wilmot Conflict Assessment guide below for additional
structure, guiding questions and organizational considerations. If you choose to
work with some of this material, it does not count toward your 5-7 significant
2. The brief should be 1000 words.
a. 750 words for the analysis
b. 250 words for the executive summary
3. Content of assignment. The brief is to include the following components.
a. Cover Page (not included in word count).
b. Executive Summary that serves as a preview to the content found in the brief (250
words). An Executive Summary is NOT an academic abstract. The Executive
Summary previews the brief by giving away the key insights or findings in the
brief. Think of this as a one-page cheat sheet or as the “spoiler alert,” providing
the audience with the main ideas clearly stated in an easy-to-read format. Follow
the details at the end of these instructions to prepare this part of your brief.
c. Professional, thoughtfully analyzed response to the questions listed in the
following section (750 words).
d. Reference page (not included in word count).
4. Format of assignment: Follow APA Style, paying close attention to the formatting of in-
text citations, the reference list and headings. Creative business formatting as found in
Word templates is permitted, as long as APA style is adhered to in in-text citations and
references. Use of first person is permitted in this assignment; however, keep it to a
4. The brief should include:

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