Literature review on a forensic psychology

In the Final Project, due by Day 7 of Week 11, you are asked to demonstrate your ability to conduct an  abbreviated literature review on a forensic psychology topic of your choosing and report your findings  from the literature review. 

Your Final Project should include 12–15 research articles on your chosen topic and should be empirically  based. The articles also should represent contemporary findings on your topic and come from peerreviewed journals. Your Final Project should end with a summary of the major findings from your literature  review and your recommendation of possible future directions that research on your chosen topic may  cover. A superior Final Project demonstrates breadth and depth of knowledge and critical thinking appropriate  for graduate-level scholarship. The paper must follow APA Publication Manual guidelines and be free of  typographical, spelling, and grammatical errors. 

The paper should be 10–12 pages, not counting the title  page, abstract, or references. Please note that quantity does not always correspond to quality, and a wellwritten Final Project that includes all of the necessary information can be accomplished in fewer than the  maximum number of pages. The Final Project for this course will be evaluated according to all four  indicators in the Application Assignment and Final Project Writing Rubric located in the Course  Information area. References Please note that you must use primary sources. Peer-reviewed journal articles should make up the bulk  of your references (80% or more). In other words, you may use non-peer reviewed and non-empirically  based material in addition to your 12–15 peer-reviewed, empirically-based journal articles. If referring to a  book as one of your non-peer reviewed, non-empirically based sources, be sure to include all information  in APA style, including specific page numbers. Note that an article referred to in a book is a secondary  source and does not count as one of your peer-reviewed, empirically-based articles. You must go directly  to the original source for your 12–15 peer-reviewed, empirically based articles. Additional information  about secondary sources is available in the APAPublication Manual and in the Walden Writing  Center Also see “Policies on Academic Honesty” in the Syllabus-II, Walden University Policies and Information. Although the Final Project is not due until Day 7 of Week 11, you should become familiar with the paper  requirements and have them in mind as you proceed through the course.  

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