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Club Life, a quirky sandwich shop located next to some of the biggest clubs in Chicago, has come to Stellar Media, your employer, for help with creating a new video ad campaign. Club Life wants to take its famous ham and turkey subs national, zeroing in on the nightlife crowd. Club Life wants sandwich puns wrapped in sleek, ultra-cool graphics and short videos.

Stellar Media can easily see this campaign going viral, but only if the ads can quickly react to new menu items and new trends on social media. To do this, Stellar Media will need to be able to get constant feedback and approvals from Club Life. Since the videos may include multiple cultural references and memes, very specific visual feedback will be key to ensuring nothing inappropriate slips through the cracks.


Your job as the production manager is to research, a collaboration technology solution that will allow Stellar Media and Club Life to work at the speed of hype. You have a meeting scheduled later this week with Tony Coppa, Marketing Director at Club Life. To prepare for the meeting, compose a list of advantages and disadvantages about that touch on key items such as account file transfer capabilities, collaboration options, and cost, referencing a few video collaboration tool competitors like Filestage, Wipster, or QuickReviewer. Each advantage and disadvantage should be 2–3 sentences long.

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