Assessment: Database Design Project

Assessment: Database Design Project

Due date:
Weighting: 60%
Length and Format: A Word document and MySQL files
Assessment Details: You will design and implement a database that supports a firm involved in various activities. It must have stored functions and procedures. The database can be accessed by a specific user with suitable security and authentication facilities.
Assessment addresses SLOs B Model, design and implements complex database structures (including databases distributed over a network) using a relational database management system (RDBMS)
C Apply advanced SQL programming (often as a stored procedure) to fulfil complex data/information retrievals from an RDBMS
D Develop and apply scripts and configure web server software as part of a Web database
E Examine how modern RDBMSs manage multiple concurrent user access to a database as well as how these RDBMSs manage online or real-time backup and recovery processes

Assessment: Database Design Project

Assignment Requirements
You have started a small consulting services business in developing databases.
WIN Car rental services is a small business in Sydney. As the name suggests they are in the business of car rentals. They approached you to develop a database for their business. Till date they are using an excel file to manage their business. The excel file is attached to this assignment document. Have a look at it before you start working on the assignment.
The entities required for the database are as follows:
• Customer – customerId, lastName, firstName, address, postcode, state, phone, memberDate.
• Insurance – insurance, insurance type, price
• Vehicle: rego, description, make, model, carYear, value, engineCapacity, odometer, purchase date, vehicleTypeId.
• Rental: rentalId, bookingDate, bookingMethod, checkout, rentDays, check-in, dueDate, odometer, damage, paymentId, rego, customerId, insuranceId.
• VehicleType: VehicleTypeID, VehicleType, Charge.
• RentalCharge: RentalID, Rent.
• PayType: Payment_ID, Pay_Type.
Along with the database files you were asked to submit other documentation as listed below:
Task 01:
A. ER Diagram in Crows Foot Notation. (Draw using
a. Primary keys and foreign keys must be identified.
b. All attributes must be identified.
c. All relationships (both directions) must be clearly listed.
B. Data dictionary (create in Excel)
C. Any other required information.
Task 02:
The following SQL files must be submitted.
A. SQL Statements to create the database and insert at least 5 records in every table.
• Create a database called “winCarRentals” that has all the above listed tables.
• Insert all the data shown in the excel file.
• Create a minimum of 5 customers. You four people and me.
• Create at least 3 rentals.
B. SQL statements to incorporate functions and triggers in the database.
• When data is inserted in the customer table, Customer MemberDate must be before or equal to the current date.
• When data is inserted in the vehicle table, Vehicle’s PurchaseDate, must be before or equal to the current date.
• When data is inserted in the rental table, the rental booking date, and checkout date must be after or equal to the current date.
• When a vehicle is checked in (the check-in filed is set to null when the record is created, when the vehicle is returned, the check-in date is set to the returned date), the rental must be calculated and stored in the rental charge table.

C. SQL statements to run a number of report queries.
• Write a query to print the list of customers who did not rent a vehicle.
• Write a query to display the cars that are currently on rent.

Submission Requirements

A Microsoft Word document containing the ER diagram and the data dictionary to answer Task 1.
Three SQL files ready to be uploaded to the WAMP server to satisfy Task 2.

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