A hypothetical example of a service delivery process for “Euro Car.”

Key Product/Service Offered by Euro Car:

Euro Car is an automobile dealership specializing in European luxury cars. Their key product/service is the sale of high-end European automobiles. The customer service department plays a critical role in facilitating the sale to the customer. Their role includes providing information about available models, assisting with test drives, answering customer inquiries, arranging financing, and ensuring a smooth purchase process.

Service Delivery Process Flowchart:

Please refer to the following flowchart detailing the service delivery process for Euro Car:

Service Delivery Process Flowchart

Roles in the Service Delivery Process:

Customer Inquiry: This contact point involves potential customers who inquire about Euro Car’s vehicles either through the website, phone, or in-person visit. Frontline employees or sales representatives handle inquiries.

Test Drive: Customers interested in a vehicle schedule a test drive, during which a sales representative accompanies them to provide information and answer questions.

Vehicle Selection: After the test drive, customers select a vehicle. The sales representative assists with model options, features, and pricing.

Financing: For customers requiring financing, a financing specialist helps them secure a loan or lease.

Paperwork and Purchase: Frontline employees and sales managers handle the paperwork and finalize the sale.

Delivery: After the purchase, a delivery specialist ensures the customer understands the vehicle’s features and assists with any initial setup.

Post-Purchase Support: Euro Car provides ongoing support for maintenance, service appointments, and customer inquiries.

Possible Contact Point Failures:

Inadequate Information during Inquiry: If the initial inquiry process fails to provide sufficient information or promptly respond, potential customers may lose interest or seek alternatives.

Unsatisfactory Test Drive Experience: A poor test drive experience, including a lack of product knowledge or an unprofessional attitude from the sales representative, can deter customers.

Delays in Financing Approval: If the financing process takes too long or results in declined applications, customers may abandon the purchase or seek financing elsewhere.

Recommendations to Address Contact Point Failures:

Improved Inquiry Handling: Euro Car should implement a customer relationship management (CRM) system to ensure prompt responses to inquiries and provide customers with detailed vehicle information.

Sales Representative Training: Invest in continuous training and development for sales representatives to enhance their product knowledge and customer service skills.

Efficient Financing Process: Streamline the financing process by using digital applications, expedited approval procedures, and partnerships with financial institutions to reduce delays.

Positioning the Brand:

Euro Car can position its brand around the new and improved services by emphasizing its commitment to providing an exceptional customer experience, from the first inquiry to post-purchase support. This can be conveyed through marketing materials, customer testimonials, and a customer-centric brand identity. The focus should be on luxury, expertise, and personalized service.

In summary, Euro Car, as a luxury European car dealership, can enhance its service delivery process by addressing possible contact point failures, improving the customer experience, and positioning itself as a premium brand known for its outstanding service and expertise in European automobiles.

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