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Learning math, understanding math, and teaching math are different skill sets that are all required of an elementary teacher. Through the professional practices of hands-on learning, exploration, and reflection, teachers will engage students in critical thinking through math processes. In this assessment, you create a guide in which you describe the professional practice skills and resources that help educators guide students through mathematical exploration, reflection, and learning.


Assume you are a veteran teacher in your school district who specializes in teaching mathematics, and your administrator has requested that you assist with the district’s professional development offerings for the summer. You have been tasked with creating a professional practice and resources guide for teaching mathematics to be distributed to new teachers in the district. 


Research mathematics-specific examples of the following:

  1. Teaching practices (e.g., inquiry, discourse, etc.)
  2. Instructional tools and resources  
  3. Instructional approaches for engaging students in learning (e.g., project and game-based learning, real world applications, etc.)
  4. Professional organizations

Assessment Deliverable

Create a minimum 875-word guide to be distributed to elementary teachers during a professional development workshop. Address the following topics in your guide:

  1. Teaching Practices: Describe the following practices for teaching elementary mathematics, including examples of use during instruction:
  2. Questioning and inquiry
  3. Math talks and discourse  
  4. Problem solving
  5. Instructional Tools and Resources: Describe the following tools and resources for teaching elementary mathematics, including examples of use during instruction:
  6. Manipulatives
  7. Mathematics literature
  8. Technology tools and/or devices
  9. Online resources and/or apps
  10. Enhancing Student Learning: Describe the following approaches to enhancing elementary mathematics learning, including examples of use during instruction:
  11. Project-based learning
  12. Game-based learning
  13. Real-world applications
  14. Professional Organizations: Describe the purpose of the following organizations/entities, including how they support the teaching of mathematics and who governs their operation: 
  15. National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)
  16. YouCubed
  17. Khan Academy
  18. Tang Math

Include a reference page and cite your sources according to APA guidelines.

Submit your assessment.

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