Rate of the quality of the presentation

Final Project


Part 1: Teach a topic from the lesson plan in the assignment in week 4. You have three options to complete this final project:


Zoom session: Be prepared with topics to teach that lasts between 3 and 10 minutes. Please identify 3 times you are available to do a Zoom session between August 14 and August 17 by August 10


Video: Create a video lecture using your phone and either submit in Canvas or email to me by August 15. From the topics on your lesson plan, identify the topic you will teach.


PowerPoint Slide – Create a slide deck of your presentation for review. The topic on the PowerPoint needs to be from the lesson plan you submitted on July 30 and needs to be a minimum of 5 slides. Submit by August 15.




Part 2: Peer review – If you submit a Powerpoint or Video, I will send you two other presentations (video or PowerPoint) for you to review and submit by August 17

Please review the following teaching sample and answer the following questions about the lesson:
1. Rate of the quality of the presentation
2. Did this align with the purpose?
3. Did this meet some of the outcomes or objectives?


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