For ADE or DSE: choose ADE

For ADE or DSE: choose ADE


EdD Students

The Doctor of Education (EdD) is completed using the Applied Dissertation Experience (ADE). Per the ADE handbook (2020).

The applied doctoral project or dissertation-in-practice is a substantial, scholarly work conducted independently by a candidate under the guidance of faculty members comprising the candidate’s Doctoral Committee. Following the approved final manuscript, the candidate will present the findings and contributions to practice to the Doctoral Committee as a professional conference-level presentation or poster, or demonstrate that the manuscript has been accepted for publication in a peer-reviewed, professional journal (p. 3).

Many use the EdD as a way to continue practical, applied work in their field, be it in a PK-12 school system, non-profit organization, or another setting. This “boots on the ground” degree is meant to impact change and growth not only for the doctoral student but their professional environment. The EdD is a 48-54 credit program. The EdD dissertation is split into three sections, a departure from the traditional five-chapter dissertation (found in the PhD program).  The three sections are then further split into two “phases” of document readiness, the Applied Dissertation Proposal (DP) which includes both sections 1 and 2, and the Applied Dissertation Manuscript (DM), which includes sections 1, 2, and 3.  The ADE handbook (2020) notes that the final manuscript is comprised of three Sections:

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