Professional Identity Assignment

NSG 3050  Trans to Baccalaureate Nursing

Professional Identity Assignment- Part I

Assignment Overview:

The Professional Identity Assignment considers the components and competencies needed to grow your professional identity as you begin your RN-BSN program, such as a theoretical framework, ethical comportment, a commitment to demonstrate moral courage, develop emotional intelligence, clarify personal and professional values, a mentor, and achievement of short- and long-term goals (See AACN Essentials-Domain 9: Professionalism). 

The Professional Identify Assignment is an APA-formatted, scaffolded assignment. This means the paper is written using APA style guidelines, and the paper is broken down into two drop-box submissions: Part I and Part II. Scaffolding of the assignment allows the student to review and integrate instructor feedback into the final document while developing professional communication and scholarly writing skills. 

Professional Identity Assignment- Part I 

In this assignment, you will create the first part of your Professional Identity Paper. A reference page should be included for sources used in your assignment. You will upload a polished draft of your paper to Grammarly for review and feedback, make any recommended changes, and submit a final copy of your assignment, including your Grammarly report to the drop box for grading in Canvas.   

Assignment Directions: 

  1. Create a student title page according to APA Style 7th edition student guidelines. 
  2. In about one paragraph, write your paper’s introduction according to APA Style 7th edition guidelines. 
  3. The introduction will start with general background about your paper’s topic and end with your thesis statement, which explains to the reader what to expect in the rest of the paper.  
  4. For the purposes of this paper, using the first person is acceptable.
  5. In one paragraph, describe the reason why you chose the nursing profession.
  6. In two paragraphs, describe your personal philosophy of nursing.
  7. State your personal philosophy of nursing.
  8. Discuss how your values and beliefs guide your conduct as a nurse and form your professional identity.
  9. Identify at least two professional strengths and opportunities for growth. Strengths and opportunities could derive from but are not limited to, emotional intelligence, ethical principles, moral courage, clinical/professional competence, confidence, communication, conflict management, etc.
  10. In two paragraphs, describe your Transition to the Baccalaureate Role.
  11. Using the components from the Bridges Model of Transition:
  12. Describe where you are now in your transition.
  13. Discuss how the model can continue to guide your transition.
  14. Be sure to support your views with a scholarly source.
  15. Submit the paper to Grammarly for review.  Download the Grammarly report when you are finished making changes in Grammarly; you will submit this report. (Note: The Grammarly score will likely match your grade for the essay, as Grammarly is only looking for grammar and style issues, and your professor is looking for a much wider range of aspects of your writing)

The Professional Identity Assignment is an APA scaffolded assignment.  The overall purpose of this assignment is for the student to develop a professional identity in nursing by describing their reason for choosing nursing, their nursing philosophy as it relates to their values, beliefs, strengths, and opportunities for growth, transition to the baccalaureate role; identification of short- and long-term goals; and reflection of the ADN versus BSN role. This is the part I assignment where the discussion should focus on the introduction (1 paragraph), the reason for choosing to nurse (1 paragraph), nursing philosophy (2 paragraphs), and transition to the baccalaureate role (2 paragraphs with a scholarly source). The Part I paper should be 3-4 pages (including the title and reference pages).

Guidelines for submission: 

  • Length Requirement: 3 – 4 pages (title page, paper, and reference page).
  • There is no abstract for this paper.
  • Using first-person pronouns for this paper is acceptable.
  • A minimum of one scholarly reference is required.
  • Follow APA 7th edition for headings, margins, spacing, font, citations, and references.
  • Proofread assignment for spelling and grammar.

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