Choose a professional nursing organization that interests you

NSG 3050  Trans to Baccalaureate Nursing

Week 3 Discussion

Discussion Overview

  • In this week’s module, you have focused on your professional development. You have examined the role of professional nursing organizations as part of this development. This discussion will give you the opportunity to take a virtual field trip to one of the organizations.

Discussion Prompt

Choose a professional nursing organization that interests you (ex: American Nurses Association, Association for Operating Room Nurses, etc.). Visit the website homepage for the organization. In one to two paragraphs, identify/describe the following. Provide a rationale for your response with at least one scholarly source using an APA in-text citation and full reference.

  1. Mission
  2. Member Benefits
  3. One educational offering
  4. Membership Cost
  5. Do you plan to join this organization? How could this organization influence your professional development?
  6. How does joining this organization align with your facility’s mission and vision?

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