Criminal Analysis Paper 

Comprise a comprehensive analysis of all potential threats and vulnerabilities at Richmond.
International Airport. This assessment should be conducted without consideration to, or analysis
of, existing measures. This is your personal assessment based on your knowledge gained from
the information in this course and outside sources (i.e., scholarly, governmental, academic).
Prepare a report reflecting the findings from the analysis.
At a minimum, the assignment should include:
 An introduction that provides a brief outlining the purpose of the report.
 Identification of stakeholders responsible for ensuring security, prevention, and
risk management, discussion of the interdependencies, relationships, and legal
requirements of the stakeholders.
 A description of the threat assessment that outlines all identified threats and hazards and
the potential impact on affected resources (organized by natural, accidental, and
international or malicious).
 A description of the vulnerability assessment that outlines all identified vulnerabilities
using potential impact categories (catastrophic, critical, limited, minor, and negligible);
develop appropriate definitions for each of the categories. Similarly, definitions should
be developed for the likelihood of occurrence (highly likely, likely, possible, unlikely,
remote/rate). Do NOT assign weights or probabilities to each category. This will be
done in the next assignment.
 A summary of your findings. Do NOT make recommendations. This will be done in the
next assignment.
 Length of assignment: 900-1400 words
o Include in the assignment the following; however, note that these are excluded
from the length of the assignment:
 Title Page, References, Two Tables
 Format of assignment: APA
 Number of citations: 4
 Acceptable sources (e.g., scholarly articles published within the last five years)
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