COVID Teaching Discussion

COVID Teaching Discussion

Teaching is an integral part of nursing, and there are always opportunities to teach your clients, patients, family, and friends. As nurses, we often need to put our personal opinions aside and teach our patients about the science and facts of controversial topics such as Covid so they can make informed health choices. In this discussion, you will explore either the or national websites to review the known facts about Covid and format a teaching plan to educate your audience on one aspect of Covid that you have learned.

Examples of topics could be handwashing, mask usage, Covid vaccines etc.

You will include your Topic, a Rationale with citation/reference, an  Intended Audience, a Teaching Method, List 3 facts that you have learned about your topic, List 3 SMART Learner Objectives (can be short or long-term), and how you will Evaluate objective achievement. For each of these 7 areas, you will respond with 3-4 well-written sentences. Your in-text citation AND corresponding reference should be in APA 7th edition format.

Post your original post and respond to 2 peer posts to receive credit.

TOPIC: What will you teach about?

RATIONALE  (include an in-text citation here and list your reference below your post): Why is this topic important to health and wellness?

AUDIENCE: Who will you be teaching and why?

TEACHING METHOD: Would you use a PowerPoint, poster, handouts, or video? Why?

List  3 FACTS you learned from the CDC or NIH website about your topic  (include an in-text citation here and list your reference below your post).

List 3 LEARNER OBJECTIVES (use SMART format, and each objective counts as a sentence): ex) By the end of the presentation, the learner will be able to…. 

PLAN FOR EVALUATION: How will you measure if your audience reached the objectives? 

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