Comparison of ratios to at least one competitor

Comparison of ratios to at least one competitor (teams will choose a relevant competitor themselves)

Need the comparison along with the graphs


I. Profitability Ratio:

1. Return on Capital Employed (ROCE):

2. Return on Equity (ROE):

3. Capital Turnover Ratio:

4. Net Margin Ratio:

5. Cost of Sales Ratio:

II. Efficiency Ratios:

1. Inventory days:

2. Trade Receivable Days

3. Trade Payable Days

4. Asset Turnover Ratio

III. Liquidity Ratios

1. Current Ratio

2. Quick Ratio

IV. Leverage Financial Ratios

1. Debt to Equity Ratio

2. Gearing Ratio

3. Interest Coverage Ratio

V. Investment Ratios

1. Earnings per Share (EPS)

2. Price Earnings Ratio (PE)

3. Dividend Cover Ratio

4. Dividend Yield Ratio

Recommend ONE initiative based on your ratio and comparative analysis that the target company could take in order to improve future profitability. Make whatever assumptions you wish [stating them clearly] and estimate the impact on relevant ratios giving numeric examples.

A client of MWF  is considering purchasing 10% of your target company’s shares. Use Book and Market values to estimate how much your target company is worth and then advise the investor how much 10% would cost. Advise the investor [giving at least three strongly justified reasons] whether it is a good investment 

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