Is there a difference in the consequences between intentional versus unintentional plagiarism from an academic integrity perspective?

1. What do you as a student understand plagiarism to be; provide a specific example. 

2. Does the consequences differ from intentional and unintentional plagiarism from an academic integrity perspective? Support response? 

3. How does the attached article (Carter et al., 2019) help to clarify the concept of plagiarism? Make sure to identify at least two concepts learned about plagiarism that were not well understood prior to reading the article and/or included scholarly resources

4. How does this concept of plagiarism apply to your future role as an advanced practice nurse? Why is it important to ensure that you cite sources in nursing? 

5. Identify 2 consequences of plagiarism from an advanced practice nurse’s perspective and 2 consequences from the perspective of being a graduate nursing student.

6. What is the FNU policy regarding plagiarism or violation of academic integrity as outlined in your graduate student handbook? 

7. Describe 2 actions moving forward that you will take to ensure to decrease plagiarism in your practice and as a student. 

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