Ethical dilemmas in psychological research

Discussion: 400 Words 

2 replies 200 words a piece 

Ethical Principal Link

Books Used:  Jackson. (2018). Custom MindTap Reader, Instant Access for Jackson, Research Methods and Statistics, 5th edition  

this Weeks reading is  Jackson: Chapter 4  

 Several scenarios that depict ethical dilemmas in psychological research are provided in the assignment instructions. Select the one scenario most relevant to your personal and/or professional interests to begin this assignment. Briefly, you will compose a professional letter to your graduate research advisor discussing the hypothetical situation (scenario), why it is an ethical dilemma, and present two ways of handling the situation (courses of action) given your interpretation of the principles most at odds. You should present these two courses of action equally compellingly, following the assignment instructions. You will then respond to two of your peer’s letters as if you were the advisor giving a recommendation. 

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