Introduction to the Dynamics of Pile Testing

A Generic Example of the Final Report can be as follows:
Title: Introduction to the Dynamics of Pile Testing
By Your Name

This paper discusses ……

  1. Introduction
    The dynamics of pile testing …….
  2. Background
    Dynamics of pile testing is ….
  3. Body of paper1
    (Subtitle 1)
  4. Body of paper (Subtitle 2)
  5. Conclusions and Recommendations
  6. References
    Goble, G.G., and Rausche, F., (1986), Wave Equation Analysis of Pile Foundations. WEAP86 FHWA Contract
    Rausche, F., Goble, G.G., and Likins, G.E., (1985), “Dynamic Determination of Pile Capacity,” ASCE Journal
    of Geotechnical Engineering, Vol. 111, No. 3, pp. 367-383.
    Smith, E.A.L., (1960), “Pile Driving Analysis by the Wave Equation,” ASCE, Journal of Soil Mechanics and
    Foundations, SM, Vol. 86, pp. 36-61.
  7. Appendices (if needed)

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