Class Project – Choosing and Securing Network Components

Class Project – Choosing and Securing Network Components
Problem Scenario and Overview
You have just moved into a new home, and you are looking to upgrade/replace some of
your Internet and networking devices. Suppose you have a budget of $1000 to buy the
new devices. Research and pick a new desktop computer and a new router for your
home, listing the specs while justifying your choices (like what you did in Assignment 2).
The specs for each should also include the pricing and a link to where you can
“purchase” it. This should be a complete thought. It could be one or more sentences.
After contacting your Internet Service Provider and getting connected, you now need
to secure all the devices, mobile, and stationary shown in the above diagram by fulfilling
the problem requirements below.
Problem Requirements

  1. Research and pick a suitable computer and router for your needs.
  2. All devices must be protected against intrusion from other people
  3. Devices must be secure against malware
  4. People using the devices must be security aware
  5. Internet access must be secure from unauthorized access and/or intrusion
  6. All devices must be up-to-date and properly functioning
  7. All critical data must be recoverable in the event of failure
  8. The digital communications environment must be safe to use and defended
    Problem-Solving Process:
    Part 1: Identify Strategies
    Here the problem is defined in detail. The scope of the problem is stated so that it is clear why
    this problem is important. The impact and risks of the problem are evaluated so that each risk
    is named with its likelihood of occurring and its level of severity. Actions are assigned to each
    risk that will reduce or resolve it. Finally, all the people that are affected are identified giving a
    clear declaration of their level of involvement with the problem. These people are called
    stakeholders. Also include in this document the computer and router you picked.
    Hint: you can brainstorm with your classmates in the Class Project Discussion Forum.
    Part 2: Propose Solutions – Evaluate Solutions – Evaluate Outcomes
    Here possible solutions are proposed and evaluated, and alternative approaches to solving the
    problem are identified and discussed (use the Class Project Discussion Forum). There may be
    many solutions to this problem. We will call them alternative solutions. Alternative solutions
    should be both creative and reasonable. The goal is to choose one solution. We will call this the
    recommended solution. Strive to clearly explain why this recommended solution is the best
    solution. You should have at least 2 possible solutions to evaluate!
    Questions to consider:
    Use these and other questions to develop and design your solutions. These are not questions to
    answer directly in your submissions but only to help you solve the problem and evaluate your
  9. How will the security solution be used and by whom?
  10. Are devices protected from unauthorized use and intrusion?
  11. Are the people using the devices cyber-security aware?
  12. Can the data on the devices be recovered?
  13. Is the environment defended against malware?
  14. What documentation and planning prepare for security problems?
  15. Is the Internet use safe from intrusion?
  16. Does your solution solve the whole problem for all the people involved?
    Submit the following:
  17. Problem Statement you designed in Part 1 (Word document or PDF).
  18. List of different solutions you designed in Part 2, and the recommended solution. Please
    highlight the advantages of the recommended solution over the other alternative solutions
    (Word document or PDF).
  19. Presentation outline and video (PowerPoint or PDF and working YouTube link). This video
    shows you how to post a YouTube link.
    Grading Criteria:
    25 points – problem statement that includes the scope of the problem, analysis of at least 3
    risks, and the people affected
    25 points – identification of at least 5 steps to secure the environment that includes the value
    and importance of each proposed step
    25 points – solution is evaluated and defended including the identification and use of at least 3
    security criteria
    25 points – presentation (outline and YouTube video) includes a description of the problem,
    consideration of at least one solution you did not use and the solution you did, pros and cons of
    the proposed solution, a description of the solution selected and the reasoning behind your
    solution selection

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