STRENGTH Reduces medical errors Alerts significant lab results Make health information available      WEAKNESSES Risk of violating privacy Outdated data, if not updated Alert fatigue on Staff
OPPORTUNITIES Expand software testing Increase the usability of EHR software Reducing clinically irrelevant warning      THREATS Lack of computer skills Unfamiliarity with the system Technical glitches

Gantt Chart

Creating core team         
Developing project plan and timeline for selection and implementation         
Identifying EHR critical components and requirements.         
Develop the Request for Implementation         
Identifying and evaluating vendors         
Complete EHR demos for identified vendors  
Finalize the contract and continue with EHR implementation.          

Communication Plan

The communication strategy should set a communication network based on the project team’s organizational structure. The network should connect every organization horizontally and vertically and feature formal and informal communication channels.

Project Status ReportEmailWeeklyReview project status & discuss possible issues.Project ManagerProject Team & Sponsor
Team StandupMeetingDailyDiscuss each team member’s responsibilitiesProject ManagerProject Team
Project ReviewMeetingAt milestonesProject deliveries were examined, and feedback was gathered for the next meeting.Project ManagerProject Team & Sponsor
Postmortem MeetingMeetingAt the end of the projectEvaluating what worked and what did not work.Project ManagerProject Team
Task progress UpdatesTeam GanttDailyShare daily progressProject ManagerProject Team

Risk Management Plan

Various risks can occur during implementation hence the need for a risk management plan. The process that will be used to reduce the occurrence of risks during implementation includes:

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