A Streetcar Named Desire

A Streetcar Named Desire

Blanche’s world is more of an illusion than a reality; she lives her life lying about her reputation. She does not admit to her sister, Stella, who was fired from her teaching job and argued that she took leave. Blanche expects life to be better than it is; she wants perfection. This is seen when she fails to understand why Stella would forgive her husband after he acts so violently toward her. This shows that she does not embrace the fact that there are hardships in reality. Her life contrasts with that of Stanley and Stella in that they live a normal life and understand that there are problems. However, Blanche wants a perfect life and to be with someone who does not care about her past mistakes.

The play portrays Blanche in two ways, the innocent and charming Blanche and the devious and scheming Blanche. However, the real branch is the innocent and charming Blanche. She has had a hard time, and her mistakes cost her her job. Therefore, to get over that, she went to her sister, trying to start afresh, which is why she did not tell Stella about what happened. She later confessed to Mitch about her past because she was genuinely interested in him and was not the same devious woman she used to be.

The book brings about the notion that sometimes good does not always prevail. Stanley rapes Blanche, but he ends up unpunished. People always want to bring out the perspective that good deeds will outdo bad ones, but that is not always true. The play also shows that people often choose what to believe what they want, which is why it was hard for Stella to believe her sister when she said that Stanley had raped her.

The villain in this story has to be Stanley, he does not welcome Blanche to their home, and he dislikes her. He eventually tells Mitch why Blanche was fired from her teaching job and informs him that Blanche lived in a hotel known for prostitutes. He should have given Blanche a chance to be the one to inform Mitch. Stanley violently attacks Stella while drunk, and by the end of the play, he manages to assault Blanche sexually and goes unpunished.

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