My Dream Computer

My Ideal PC

#1. Introduction

Understanding that life is continuous learning and discovery process has, over the years, fueled my need and wish to build my dream computer. In my early days, I used to dream of having a computer that was just stylish, had cutting-edge designs and that could support and play my favourite computer game, Grand Theft Auto. My entire perspective about computers changed when I joined this class and was introduced to another dimension of computing       

Anyone who dreams or wishes to have a computer envisions a device that can satisfy their immediate and future needs. As a perpetual student, I would desire to acquire a superior pc that will guarantee an excellent experience during the execution of my work and leisure. Computer systems vary and can be categorized in the lines of their storage capacity, processing capabilities and speeds, their output video and sound quality, their workability, speciality among other features. This is for the reason that there are several computer brands in the market today such as Dell, Apple, Toshiba, HP, Asus among many others that all compete to different customer needs. Such electronic-based firms have concentrated on satisfying client needs that they offer a wide range of models of machines in which customers can pick from. With the Continuous innovation and accomplishments in systems hardware capabilities, computers are bringing imaginations closer to reality. (O’Neill (née McLoone) & Robshaw, 2010)

My computer needs are practically based on the ability to have lighting processing speeds and vast storage capacities. Playing computer games is not something I do very often but I spend countless hours on Youtube and other social networking sites watching videos, reading content and liking pictures, therefore, I would consider the good screen size and its optimum resolution capability. Downloading documents, audio files, videos and software’s is very important especially for future references offline. According to Aswani (2010), PCs should be equipped with high resolutions and graphics capabilities, which is crucial in gaming. To be able to store everything I need continuously, I need a hard disk with terabyte storage and above. Such HDD size will allow me to partition my storage and arrange school-related data and leisure accordingly. I would also like a to accommodate the Linux operating system in dual boot mode therefore good storage will surely come along way.

 Additionally, a good set of output speaker will be imperative since I listen to many music genres and watch many videos every day. As a perpetual scholar, always researching something new, internet capability is of primary concern. The ability to be able to quickly surf the internet without encountering processing issues despite running multiple programs such as a word processor in the background is crucial as it ensures completion of assignments and academic papers. My coding projects and classes utilize a sizeable amount of memory and processing power therefore that too will come into play as well.

Security of my documents and files is also a key factor in my dream computer as unauthorized users will not be granted access to my files. Computer attacks such as viruses and ransomware are continuously increasing in the modern world, there is a need to have measures such as firewalls and antiviruses that can contain this situation. Portability of the computer will be essential since I will be constantly on the move from one classroom to the next. An effortlessly portable and less strenuous computer will be of high consideration.

#2.  Computer Specifications

The motherboard would be the first thing I select after choosing a good exterior casing to enclose all the computer components such as the power supply, 2.0 ports, audio and video ports and the cooling fans. When choosing a good casing, the Sentey Slim 2421 Flex Case with LCD Case comes in mind as it can support both Mini ITX and Micro ATX motherboards. Additionally, its stylish compact design and black glossy exterior outlook support most if not all power supplies available in the market as well as the profile cards. It also has a unique sliding bay that supports video and audio ports, 4*2.0 USB ports as well as a cooling fan compartment. After assessing the casing, I would look for the motherboard and I settled on the Asus P5Q Pro Turbo Motherboard. This motherboard is equipped with 4 RAM slots with 2*240 pin DIMM which I consider adequate for my envisioned use. Choosing a good CPU is a very important step since it is the brain of the computer. Therefore, the CPU I have chosen for my dream computer is the 8-core AMD FD9590FHHKWOF FX-9590 8-core 4.7 GHz Socket AM3+ 220W. This guarantees high optimized processor speeds of 4.7GHz as well as high power since it has 8 cores powered by a 64bit data width. These speeds will largely contribute when running multiple computer programs simultaneously.

After picking the CPU, the next logical step would be to get a good CPU cooler to control the overheating of pieces of equipment due to high processing speeds its subject to and in the long run this will reduce wear and tear. A good CPU Cooler for my computer would be the be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 3 67.8 CFM Fluid Dynamic Bearing CPU Cooler. This quiet cooler as suggested in the name is a great way to cool down the PC so that I can simultaneously listen to my playlist rather than listen to the sound of a roaring fan.

Once the CPU fan is installed, getting a good RAM is the next step toward attaining a Dream Computer. With the motherboard, I selected supporting four 240 pin DIMM – adding a good memory package of Corsair Vengeance Blue 16GB (2×8 GB) DDR3 1600MHz (PC3 12800) would adequately boost my machine. With adequate RAMs in place, A good internal storage device such as 4TB 3.5” 5900RPM Seagate Hard Drive and also an external 2TB Western Digital hard drive would guarantee that the system has a large amount of storage. The external drive would secure my backed-up data should anything physically happen to the computer. In the past, I have lost my data as a result of hard disk failure and it is such a disaster trying to access assignments and important documents once the drive is has malfunctioned. A backup is extremely necessary for important data.

As an entertainment pc, my computer would be a more of a working system therefore I would opt for a faster and quieter machine that would make zero noises during use. Nonetheless, my audio and video features would need to be of top-notch quality so that I can listen to the tons of music albums while I work or relax. I chose the Z PCIe 24-bit 96 kHz sound card from Creative Labs for these capabilities. While the cost of this peripheral is well below $100, the card can produce a relatively excellent signal to the ratio of noise to close to 116db creating a crystal sound when recording sound or listening to audio files. To adequately get in full the clarity of the sound, a good set of speakers would have to be used hence prompting the adoption a surround sound system that is firstly certified by the THX, can effectively yield good sound within the right amount of power and that can be durable over an extended period.

The next component in my computer would be an appropriate video card that would take pictures and videos on my display monitor come to life. Gaming may not be my hobby but I do enjoy watching funny video clips on crisp display, therefore, i would select the EVGA GeForce GTX TITAN X 12GB SC. As pointed in the name, the component comprises of an inbuilt fan for self-cooling, a support 4-way SLI, a 12GB memory and a 1.13GHz core clock. While the rest of the components are worth well under $1000, this expensive component clocks over and above $1000 and is probably the most expensive part of the dream computer puzzle.

With such a graphics card in place, the rightly sized monitor with optimal resolution would do justice to the other components. I would select the 23” Acer H236HLbid with a 1920*1080 widescreen resolution capability, a 60Hz refresh rate, 16:9 aspect ratio and a response rate of 5ms to adequately deliver the expected output. With all hardware in place, a proper power supply system would be required to guarantee that all devices can be adequately powered up and that there is no wattage loss of any kind. I estimate that all selected devices would require a projected wattage 265W. this would therefore require certified and relevant power supply hence the ATX power 80+ Gold Certified 750W EVGA. While this option carries a lot more power than I essentially require, I am not troubled by the system overload I might experience as a result. Additionally, installing an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) would be a logical decision as it would serve as a battery backup in case of a drop in voltage to deplorable levels or a failure in the main power supply. A UPS would therefore guarantee the correct and orderly systems shutdown of the computer and other connected devices.

Finally, with almost all the key components in place, the remaining piece to finish my dream computer would be a mouse and Logitech illuminated keyboard to allow to the access relevant applications that would also need to be installed in the system. when looking for software to install in the system, I will consider software’s that will be compatible with the Windows operating software. I would make certain have installed the entire Microsoft suite to guarantee that my classwork is handled smoothly going forward. I would also install a relevant integrated development environment (IDE) and compiler to help me handle my programming classes. For my entertainment, I would install social networking applications such as Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok and iTunes. Nonetheless, security is a top priority therefore I would install antivirus such as Kaspersky and execute firewalls that would protect my system against malware, viruses and unwanted intruders to the system.

#3. Diagrams of

ComponentSpecificationPictureRationale (Reason for Purchase)Cost Estimate (
KeyboardLogitech IlluminatedThis part has an excellent backlight that aids during data entry. Its slim has letter etching on every key added shortcut ay the top of the component$90.00
CPU Coolerbe quiet! Dark Rock Pro 3 67.8 CFM Fluid Dynamic Bearing CPU CoolerThis part guarantees an effective cooling system with increased air circulation and less noise$89.99
ProcessorAMD FD9590FHHKWOF FX-9590 8-core 4.7 GHz Socket AM3+ 220W  This processor is a super-speed component with an 8-core with its clock speed set at 4.7 GHz$245.00
MotherboardAsus P5Q Pro TurboThis part has exceptional overlocking and top-class capacitors. Its power design is comprised of an 8-phase layout, it has a great express gate and an intelligent energy-saving system.$289.99
RAMCorsair Vengeance Blue 16GB (2×8 GB) DDR3 1600MHz (PC3 12800)   This component is having high performance and can dissipate heat as a result of its aluminium design$74.99
Hard disk-4TB 3.5” 5900RPM Seagate Hard Drive -2TB Western DigitalThese components act as System files storage and provide Backup$65.00 $99.99
An Operating SystemWindows 10 Pro  This part is the latest version of the Microsoft OS Windows. Its key features include automatic work saving, quick and easy access to features.$165.00
Graphics cardEVGA GeForce GTX TITAN X 12GB SCThis item provides a graphic performance with 4k capabilities, 7010 MHz effective memory clock and is a virtual reality ready$1,150.00
Sound CardCreative Labs Z PCIe 24-bit 96 KHzThis component supports the production of crisp sounds$119.99
MonitorAcer H236HL bid 23-Inch Widescreen LCD Monitor  This item has excellent resolution and an IPS colour performance feature$289.99
AntivirusKaspersky Total SecurityThis part secures the system and blocks dangerous threats. Easy user interface and has regular updates$29.99
TOTAL (Excluding Taxes)   $2709.93

#4. Summary

The most important components during specification is the graphics card, RAM, storage, processor among others. I have come to understand that there are different features a system offers and have been able to compare the various merits of using a high-end computer. Secondly, I have learnt that there are several computers in the market today all created to serve a particular niche, therefore, a computer I not just a computer if it has not been tailored to cater for your direct needs. Additionally, I have learnt that in the assembly of computer parts to make your dream computer, the purpose of the dream computer must stand out in choices and the decision-making process concerning the ability of technological incorporation into the system. I am an enthusiast and more importantly a student about life, therefore, owning a superior system that can service my desires and needs such as fast processing, durable and sizable storage spaces can go a long way in helping me achieve set objectives on time.

With The overload in computer brands and components in the market today, it has been extremely challenging, confusing and overwhelming to get the right product to match my needs due to product similarity, ambiguity and most importantly information overload (Nieman, 2009). Nonetheless, if I had the chance of building this system according to my personal needs, the biggest thing that would concern me other than the costs would have to be the compatibility of the individual components since a mismatch would mean that the system would not work smoothly or even work at all.


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