Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation is a tool that is used to assess performance and achieve the set goals of a particular project. The assessment focuses on the present and future management of the outcomes of any project. Monitoring and evaluation, therefore, helps to a great extent to clearly demonstrate the status of a project and thus aid in maintaining the focus of such a project by informing on the general progress of the project. Monitoring and evaluation tools are important for they help improve project rollout as well as ensure better utilization of available fund.

Evaluation for the Campaign for Sustainable Rural Livelihoods is a report which was published by Oxfam, a non-profit firm which operates across several countries of the world (Oxfam, 2013). This report is quite appealing since it has shown the evaluation of its program on rural sustainable livelihoods where it is documented that it has influenced the climate change policy. Climate change is one of the leading factors which have influenced livelihoods in as far as food security and sustainability is concerned (Oxfam, 2013). This report is appealing since it touches on a very crucial topic which is the world’s concern. It, therefore, shows that the program that was rolled out clearly helps to sustain the impacts created by climate change.

Adam Smith International Policy, Planning and Monitoring & Evaluation report are quite appealing and informative. The report seeks to report on policy planning in the education sector (Adam Smith International, 2019).  The report notes that the education sector does not put into consideration the monitoring and evaluation as this is the only way to ensure that the policy and programs which are being implemented are up to standard and are sustainable for a longer span of time.  The monitoring and evaluation strategies which are proposed by this report include the inclusion of a rigorous monitoring framework, management information systems, building capacity among other monitoring strategies which are aimed at improving monitoring and evaluation of education policies and programs. This is intended to ensure that there is sustainability in the sector that will see the allocation of limited resources and realize the results and intended outcomes.

Besides the education sector policy monitoring and evaluation, the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs on 31st May 2016 reported on the review of Disability rights in Cambodia (Australian Government, 2016). The review is a joint UN program which brings UNDP, UNICEF and WHO together.  The report is therefore appealing since it focuses on the assessment of the program that seeks to create more opportunities for the people with disability. The findings, therefore, are the outcome of the status of the program and thus help in refocusing of the remainder tenure. In its entirety, the initiative is aimed at ensuring that people living with disability are given equal access to opportunities and thus this bring fairness as they are outcompeted and neglected in other sectors where opportunities are very competitive.

Finally, the report on monitoring and evaluation on Global HIV/AIDS by CDC as published in its website in 2012 is impressive and informative since it gives the update on the commitment of the United States in combating HIV/AIDS (CDC, 2012).  This is because the report documents the activities in which CDC and the United States at large have undertaken including the provision of technical assistance on planning and reporting, processing outcomes and implementation of planning and reporting systems.

Conclusively these reports are focused on the Monitoring and Evaluation as a tool and how it has been used as a tool to aid in the management of the projects, programs, and their outcomes.  Depending on how the M& E has been used in various aspects, it is clear that M&E is very crucial and very useful in the management of any project as it provides reports on the status of such a project and thus helps in an amendment or refocusing to ensure that the goals are attained.


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