Why are you interested in a career in law enforcement?

Police organizations are instruments through which policing services are organized and delivered to the public. The primary function of the police force is crime prevention. As an aspiring police officer, it is crucial to understand how the organizational structure of the police department and its various practices influence its day-to-day functions.

Imagine you have completed your probationary period and are being interviewed for the post of police officer. Your hiring officer wants to evaluate your understanding of the practical implications of police theory and practices on its functions of crime prevention and keeping order.

Respond to the questions provided below. Do your research and choose 1 of the following formats to document your responses to your hiring officer:

A written speech of 700 words

A recorded video of 5-7 minutes (if you choose to record a video of yourself, please see the note at the end of this assignment)

Write or record your answers to each of the following questions as if you were responding to your hiring officer in an interview:

Why are you interested in a career in law enforcement?

Does legitimacy in the police force enable effective crime fighting? Explain how.

Is problem-oriented policing an answer to building partnerships with the public? Explain why.

Is civilianization a beneficial practice in police work? Provide reasons to support your answer.

What are bureaucracy’s positive and negative impacts on communication within a police department?

Which type of mentality makes the best police officer: warrior or guardian? Explain why.

Is the code of silence the desired police subculture? Explain why.

What impact has been seen with including women and minorities in the police force?

How does the contingency theory influence crime control?

How does the environment in which police organizations function influence their operational activities? Explain your reasoning in context with the appropriate policing theory.

Identify any sources you used to support your responses.

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