World History PowerPoint Presentation

World History PowerPoint Presentation


For this assignment, I want to bring out your creative side. You will create a PowerPoint or a Prezi. In this assignment, you will become a Modern Day Revolutionary for a country of your choice. 

World History PowerPoint Presentation

Please read the directions carefully.

The objective of this assignment is to evaluate sources dealing with events or topics of the modern world to use in your assignment. You will assess 21st Century world events and link them to the past – historically, culturally, economically, and politically.


The Declaration of Independence is one of the most powerful documents in American History. It is a list of grievances levied against the King of England, who the colonists believed abused his power.   Staying true to the Enlightenment’s ideology, Thomas Jefferson and his cohorts created this list and then declared their independence.

You will create something similar to the Declaration of Independence using the country you chose in Week 1/2.

Please make sure you read through the Declaration of Independence. While it is one of our most revered documents, it will be a guide for you on this assignment. A link and document are provided for you.


You are to research problems with the country you chose.  You are tasked with writing a Declaration of Independence listing those problems. However, this assignment goes one step further, you will offer up a solution to that problem.

Read as many articles as you can, these articles will give you insight on what is going on in the country you chose. Make sure you get articles from reliable sources.

All information has to be factual and current. The assignment will be done in a PowerPoint presentation or a Prezi.  You can make it interesting by adding some voice or music, the choice is yours.


The minimum number of sources and citations for your presentation is three (3) sources. Any material that is not common knowledge has to be cited or any information that is taken directly from the site has to be cited and in quotations marks.

There is a word count for the entire presentation is 600-900 words. Anything less will not justify your research.

You need visuals in your presentation – a third (1/3) of your presentation is to have visuals. –

Do not use background visuals, it’s hard to read the text and will not count as visuals.

The PowerPoint and Prezi must include a cover slide with your name, course number and title (HIST112 – World Civilization Since 1650) and date. You are to have a separate slide for your references.

The rest of the directions are below.

This is what you should follow for your presentation,

Slide 1 is the title of your Declaration, the class name, your name, my name and the date.

Slide 2 is an introduction of your Declaration explaining to me which country you choose and why.

Slide 3 you are to create your opening passages. This is equivalent to the first paragraph in the Declaration. The only passage you are allowed to use from the Declaration of Independence word for word is When in course of human events”, the rest is in your own words.

Slides 4, 5, 6 and 7 (or more) – You are then to come up with minimum of 9 grievances and the solutions to those grievances. 1-2 on each slide. Please take into account images and your writing/solutions.

Keep in mind, when you are talking about modern day governments, you NEED to take into account the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches. We are talking about Present Day not yesteryear.

Slide 8 is your closing paragraph.


Slide 9 is your Bibliography Slide formatted correctly – Minimum of 3 Sources.

Please view the example attached as your guidance.

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