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‘Big Data’ verses ‘RDBMS’ (Relational Database Management Systems)
Write a paper (between 300 and 450 words).
Choose a topic below ……. or submit a topic of your choice with prior approval by course instructor.
Topic Option A: Discuss the differences between ‘Big Data’ and ‘RDBMS’. Some areas to consider include: advantages, disadvantages, converting all or part of a RDBMS to Big Data, and examples of software used to manage Big Data.
Topic Option B: Discuss NoSQl databases such as CouchDB and Mongo. Compare the differences between NoSQL software and relational database systems like the ones we used in MS Access this semester.
Grading Requirements:

List at least 3 primary sources of information in Bibliographic format at end of paper (on its own page – use a hard page break).
Use 1/2 inch for all margins.
Title your paper using MS Word’s WordArt feature.
Include an introduction and summary paragraph.
Include one SmartArt graphic.
Quality of content.

10 points
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