Explaining economic principles and their applications in the real world.

a. Define core economic concepts related to macroeconomics and microeconomics

b. Describe the role of goods and services in the economy

c. Discuss any economic growth factors that impact a specific industry

d. Use a diagram or graph to illustrate an economic trend In the workplace, we are often asked to create “briefs.”

A brief provides a snapshot, or short, written summary, of a situation or event that has occurred. It is generally just a few pages long and may include additional visuals like a graph, chart, or table. In this assignment, write a brief about economic concepts in the industry you selected. Instructions With your selected industry in mind, develop a 2-page economic brief in which you address the following items:

1. What goods and/or services does this industry provide?

2. What economic principles covered in Weeks 1–3 (e.g., scarcity, inflation, unemployment, demand and supply, and production) would impact this industry? (Review the weekly outline in your course guide for all principles covered in Weeks 1–3.)

3. Include an existing graph, chart, or table that relates to your summary. (optional for Brief 1)

4. Describe any notable trends that you would highlight about this industry.

5. Follow Strayer Writing Standards. Note: You’ll be prompted to enter your Blackboard login to view. Your brief should be at least 2-pages in length double-spaced


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