Discuss: When the worst happens…

Discuss: When the worst happens…

Sometimes a part of performance management involves dealing with uncomfortable situations. In this discussion, you will explore this facet of talent management.

Read the following scenario:

While an employee, Fred, is using his office to change clothes to participate in the company-sponsored yoga class, he notices that the webcam on his company computer is active, though he is certain he had not turned it on. Fred immediately alerts Security. Upon further investigation, IT finds that an employee, Ginger, has been tapping into multiple webcams across the organization. Gingers’s supervisor is requesting you assist with the conversation regarding this situation. 

Discuss: When the worst happens…

Part I: Create a Script of the Conversation

As Ginger’s mentor, you have been asked to begin the conversation and learn her side of the story. For this assignment, create a script of the conversation you would have with both Ginger and Ginger’s supervisor. Be sure to consider confidentiality, company policy, procedures, etc. Recall the video

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 in Module 2, and how the TM assisted in that situation. Post the script to this discussion board. 

Part II: Critique Two Peers’ Scripts

Using this discussion board, read your peers’ scripts and leave comments. You are required to critique at least two scripts.

Note: Sometimes these types of uncomfortable situations can arouse emotions. If you feel this exercise has created a need to get support, Excelsior has a resource. ComPsych®

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 is the College’s confidential support, resources and information for personal and work-life issues. These services are provided at no charge to you.

Assignment Guidelines

Actively monitor your own discussion thread throughout the week and respond as appropriate. Review the discussion rubric to learn how to maximize your points.