Discuss how men are viewed in Trifles and/or A Doll’s House.

Discuss how men are viewed in Trifles and/or A Doll’s House.

Instructions: Write an essay of a minimum of five hundred and twenty-five words on ONE of the questions below. Do not write more than six hundred and twenty-five words.  Longer essays will not be accepted. Run a word count with your word processor and post the number of words at the top of the first page.

Put a heading with your name and page number on every page. Also use a title.

Discuss how men are viewed in Trifles and/or A Doll’s House.

In this paper, I want you to underline your thesis and the topic sentences of all body paragraphs. This underlining is a requirement.

In this paper, you have to bring in at least ONE outside/secondary source and provide at least one quote and at least one paraphrase from your secondary source—note that you can use more than one secondary source if you want.  You will also need a works-cited page that lists your secondary source(s) PLUS your primary source(s). This means that you must have at least two entries on your works-cited page—a primary source and a secondary source.

Note: Do not write on a particular topic/question if you are already writing about it for your research paper. In that case, choose a different question.

Remember, you are required to bring in a minimum of two citations from a critic (secondary source). One of these citations needs to be a quote. The other must be a paraphrase or summary. If you wish, you may use one of the Four Doll House Essays that are in Shared Files for your secondary source.  I will provide you with the correct works-cited entries for those essays, as well as for your primary sources—the plays.  However, you are not limited to using one of the four essays. And you may use more than one secondary source for your two secondary citations, but ONE secondary source is the minimum.  Don’t forget you should also have quotes from your primary source in your paper.  However, these quotes don’t count toward your required secondary-source citations.

Note: If you take information from the handout with the four essays on A Doll’s House, be sure that you reference the information/quote correctly with a good signal phrase naming the author or put the in-text citation in the parenthesis. I have posted to Shared Files MLA 8 examples that show you how to cite the handout with the four essays.

Note the following:

  1. I want you to turn in a copy of your essay plus works cited page to Canvas.
  2. I want you to turn in on paper with your final draft portions of the outside/secondary source—the critical article that you use. The pages that you take your citations from are your “source pages.”  DON’T UPLOAD THESE SECONDARY SOURCE PAGES TO CANVAS.
  3. For your source pages, I only want you to turn in the page or pages from which you actually take citations. DO NOT give me other pages from your source(s). If your source article is an essay with ten pages, only give the page or pages from which you have taken your quotes and/or paraphrases.
  4. On your source pages, highlight or underline the passage or passages from which you take the quotes or paraphrases.
  6. REPEAT: You should not upload your source pages to Canvas.  Instead, ONLY upload the essay and the works-cited page to Canvas.

Be sure to cite, using MLA 8/9, ANY outside source from which you take quotes, paraphrases or ideas.  ALSO, for this essay, your works cited page must have a minimum of TWO entries—one for your primary source (or two if you’re using both A Doll’s House and Trifles) AND ONE more for your required secondary/outside source.  You may have more than two entries but that is the minimum.  Your paper will not be accepted unless you have the minimum number of two.

Don’t get caught plagiarizing. CITE ANY outside source even if you paraphrase or summarize that source. If you are unsure about whether or not you should cite material, ask me BEFORE you turn in your paper. You have no excuse for plagiarizing your paper. You will receive a zero if you are caught plagiarizing.

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