What is the perception of healthcare providers on HAI?

What is the perception of healthcare providers on HAI?

There are many factors that need to be considered in choosing a research design/approach.  Based on the research problem identified in the Week 4 discussion posting:

· Select one research design/approach (descriptive, correlational, semi-experimental, review, meta-analytic, descriptive-longitudinal case study, ethnographic, grounded theory, etc.) that could be used for the chosen topic

· Elaborate on why the chosen approach is appropriate

What is the perception of healthcare providers on HAI?

Week 4 Discussion

Research problem

Nosocomial infections have been on the rise especially for patients admitted to the surgical units versus the medical units. This obviously leads to an increased hospital readmission which has resulted in depletion of resources in the hospital as well as increased mortality rate of patients. There is a need to develop an intervention or interventions to reduce the incidence of hospital acquired infections and prevent the associated hospital readmissions and mortality. Given the elevated morbidity, fatality, duration of stay, and expense of such illnesses, measures should be taken to keep healthcare facilities as safe as feasible (Sikora & Zahra, 2021).

Problem Statement

Nosocomial infections or hospital acquired infections (HAI) have risen recently regardless of the efforts already put in to place to address it. According to Khan et al., (2017, nosocomial infections) in affluent nations account for 7% of all infections, whereas in developing countries, they account for 10%. Because these diseases develop during hospital stay, they result in a delay in discharging the patient, incapacity, and financial hardship. Various interventions have been implemented to reduce these infections, but they have not proven to be effective. The aim of this study is to investigate effective strategies to reduce HAI in the surgical unit. It will identify the most effective intervention through questionnaires and interviews.

Research question

What is the perception of healthcare providers on HAI?

Research design

I will utilize qualitative research deign, since the research is intendent to use open ended questions and interviews to gather information about the stated problem. Using open ended questions will be helpful in obtaining wide variety of data than close ended questions. Qualitative study will also be helpful in identifying the gaps in the healthcare that have resulted to the problem at hand. Since the type of information needed cannot be quantified by numbers as in quantitative studies, qualitative study will be used instead.


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