“What do I really know about my personal ‘consulting’ activities?”

IT consulting Activities (Due 10 Nov) (4 Pages) (4 References)


1) APA 7th Ed format (to include introduction and conclusion)

2) Due 10 Nov

3) 4 Page minimum (not including title page and APA references)

4) Minimum of 4 References

5) Plagiarism-Free

Background/Required Reading/References:


“What do I really know about my personal ‘consulting’ activities?”

 (1) Conduct research (properly cited) on the particulars and importance of the role of the IT consultant and the IT unit as a consultant to the organization. You are encouraged to look beyond personal behaviors and check out ‘organization development’ (OD) or general consulting literature to understand organizational techniques (i.e., ‘scanning’) and issues (such as political realities). In particular, you might wish to find one of the several ‘step’ models which suggest phased consulting activities;

(2) note some truly important characteristics; and then

(3) using this information as a guide, suggest your current most important consulting strengths as well as opportunities you see for improvement, based on both personal knowledge and your research.

(4) Relate these strengths to your organization (or a business of your choice) and discuss how the strength could benefit the IT outreach from that unit.

Notes:  Remember, this is not a paper where you make generalized comments about what consultants do. It is about your insight and typical activities. Do not discuss personality ‘traits’ or ‘style labels’ you may have learned. You must discuss actual activities you now use when dealing with others and providing expert IT advice. For example, how well do you listen versus talk, or how well do you scan the organizational environment and try to find out about the politics of a given situation before you wade in with your advice or start a project? As noted above, you will wish to research the Web and check out traditional models of consulting behavior and typical behaviors in each ‘stage.’ For example, what are effective behaviors when one first enters any kind of consulting relationship? Again, stay out of the personality and trait literature; this is about observable activity. You may want to chat with people whom you have provided advice to, to see what they have observed. Be forewarned that generalized papers with no personal information, or including a ‘personality assessment’ will be graded as unresponsive to this assignment. Do not provide a technical outline or project details such as: “conduct project/needs analysis.” This is assumed.