How Has This Class Changed Your Social Media Usage?

How Has This Class Changed Your Social Media Usage?

Discussion Topic

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We’ve talked about many topics here: theories, advertisements, violence, crime, families, health, and more.

Reflect on the following and please answer each question thoroughly:

-What was your social media use like when the class started? 

-What is it like now? 

-How has this class changed your social media usage and why? If it didn’t, what are you currently doing to be more aware of social media usage around you?

-Have you seen any theories or course material on your current social media? What are they? 

-What did you learn from the class?

-What was your favorite topic covered? Did you have a favorite assignment? What was your least favorite topic/assignment and what would you suggest to make it better?

-Have you shared any information from the class with family/friends? If yes, what? If no, why not?

-What was your final project about? What did you learn or find from completing your research?

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