Watch all of the documentary The Road from Crime

Watch all of the documentary The Road from Crime ( (Links to an external site.) ) re: desistance, reentry, and related processes (questions that are central to the study of punishment).  Also review helpful tools such as the Discovering Desistance Blog ( (Links to an external site.) ).

Watch all of the documentary The Road from Crime


Choose a topic from within The Road from Crime that you are extremely passionate aboutDo a comprehensive search / reading of THREE ACADEMIC ARTICLES and THREE “PUBLIC CRIMINOLOGY” ARTICLES that deal with the desistance/reentry topic you’re keying in on . Write up a paper which provides a comprehensive overview of your area of passion. Within the paper be sure to bring up areas of strength / weaknesses that you identify within your area of passion. 

Upload your answer as a Word doc at the Assignments section for this Unit (Unit #4). While I don’t like to give required page lengths, I know that causes some students stress.  I would estimate you would be able to answer the questions above in 1 1/2 – 2 pages per article you select. Therefore, approximately 10-12 pages .  I have no problem if your paper goes longer than 10-12 pages (why would a professor have a problem with that?).  

Follow these guidelines for the Word doc:

* Full name

* A clear title

* Double spaced

* Black ink, Times New Roman, 12 point font

* 1″ margins

* Page numbers

* APA format for citations and references (please be sure to include references)