Discussion post (250-300 words) also include at least one reference and in text citation

Discussion post (250-300 words) also include at least one reference and in text citation

· You are writing a report in which you will recommend that your department adopt a flexible work schedule for employees. You know that your manager will be most interested in the conclusions and recommendations sections of your report. First, explain the difference between a conclusion and a recommendation. Then write one conclusion and one recommendation that you could include in your report.

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“Conclusions are written to interpret findings and summarize results of a research or an investigation conducted, in this case, on the benefits of having a flexible work schedule for employees.” (Davis, B., 2021) Recommendations are written to support the final findings from the research and investigation done and is normally written after the conclusion section. One of the conclusions that I would write in my report on having flexible work schedule for employees, would be that studies have proved that employees can be more productive, effective, and efficient if they are given the liberty to work on their own times. Given the fact that work does not remain busy all the time during work hours, and not always does urgent work come in at work hours, it would be unreasonable to expect employees to be online and work through the hours when there is not any. It would also be unreasonable to expect employees to work overtime to complete urgent work that came in odd hours. Instead, if employees had the liberty to work on their personal work when there wasn’t any office related work, it would give them time to work on office related things during odd hours. My recommendation on the report for providing flexible work schedule for employees would be that there are more pros than cons for having employees work whenever there is some. The employees would also feel motivated and they would perform well at work when they have a feel that the organization is so trusting that they let their employees work on their own time.


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Conclusion and recommendations are important in the research reports and papers. Conclusions interpret the findings of the research, and answer the statement of the problem, and accept or reject the hypothesis. Recommendations come after the conclusions these are the researcher’s opinions supported by the research findings, limitations, and future implications (Davis B. 2021). Recommendations can tackle the issues and problems faced during the research. Recommendations in reports can suggest the steps to get the conclusion results in real-life situations. Following are the examples of Conclusion and recommendations for flexible work schedule reports.

Conclusion: According to research and surveys conducted during last month it is concluded that majority of the staff is in favor of implementing flexible work schedule. From the literature, revies flexible schedule has helped increase employee engagement, satisfaction, and overall performance. It can also benefit by reducing the overhead cost and getting around-the-clock support in many departments. It has some cons like vague boundaries and initial adjustment and settlement period. In conclusion, a flexible work schedule has helped organizations increase employee efficiency and satisfaction that help organization retain and attract top talent.

Recommendation: Effective implementation of the flexible work schedule requires proper planning and training for leadership and employees. Implementing flexible work schedules in phases can help organizations settle into a new arrangement. Training the management and employees is necessary to adjust to new reporting and work assignments. Organizations should offer option of regular work hours and flexible hours to employees. Leaders need to encourage and implement clear communication among team members to avoid any problems regarding teamwork.  


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