Which is better the community college or the university

A crucial decision that a new high school graduate faces is this: should I go to the community college or a university? Which one is better for me? Take your time when you mull over this, for this is one of the most important decisions you’ll be making in your young life. The following are some things to consider to alleviate the difficulty of choosing.

ExpensesA lot of community colleges cost much less than the tuition in the university. Still, when you opt to go to the latter, and your finances are not enough to fund the tuition, do not despair. Bear in mind that there are a lot of scholarships out there. Fact is, if you would go through some sample of admissions essays online, you would find mention of these matters as the theme of their “sample essay about myself.

”The transition phaseIf you think you would be intimidated in your freshman year at a university for whatever reasons, then consider going to a community college. After all, community colleges are less populated and thus have an intimate learning environment.Housing and placeA crucial factor is the place of the school. Assuming it is far from your place, then you could be forced to reside in a dormitory.

Many universities have housing accommodations for their students, whereas, community colleges seldom have this. Naturally, a strong reason why many go to community colleges is the proximity factor.The separation issueThe typical university gives courses on a myriad of specializations. For some community colleges, one could get a degree in Associate of Arts only.

Be it a university or a community, you would probably be required to give admission essays. This requirement is important, as today’s admissions committees – generally speaking – are very discerning and particular.

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