The pressure of college students

*The Pressures of College Student*s Nowadays,college students have to face a number of pressures. For example,they have to face economic problem. When going to college,they and their families have to pay a lot of money for tuition,books,housing,and other school costs. That is a big problem for the poor students. So,they try to find some part-time jobs to earn money to support their study and families. They try to study and work. They worry about their future. The more they study and work,the more they feel stressful.

Especially,when the price is going up,they are more and more stressful. Another example is time pressures. Being college students,they have to balance between their part-time jobs and their studies. Besides,nowadays,with the development of technology,email,and internet,they have to do everything at home more than in school. There are lots of deadline of homework,reports,and speeches,so every day they have to spend all their time and stay up late to do them. Because of having so many pressures,they feel very very stressful.

They are really tired,feel sleepy and easy to suffer from digestive problems,mental disorders,or other diseases. One more example is parental pressures. The parents always hope their children will get good results in their studies and succeed in the future. So,some ask and force their children to learn so much. In conclusion,with so many pressures ,college students have been encountering with a lot of problems and trying to overcome by themselves to get good results and succeed in the future.

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