Supporting children or young people to access and manage risk

CU1521-Support children and young people’s health and safety Task 3
Assessment criteria 3.3- give examples from own practice of supporting children or young people to access and manage risks.

Whilst I was at placement I have taken part in a lot of activities. Some of these have needed me to tell the children how to work safely. One of the activities that I had to do this was when they were using the scissors. I assisted in an activity where they had to make poppies. This was done by making a flower shape on a piece of paper and then getting the children to cut around it. I carefully supervised the children to make sure that they do not hurt themselves while they were doing the activity. I also asked the children that were struggling using the scissors if they needed help or if they wanted to use a different type of scissors. I also asked if they were using the correct hand with the scissors. This is so that they will find it easier and comfortable to use them. The other scissors do not need to be used with your fingers as they can just be squeezed at the top to cut the paper. Letting the children cut by themselves lets them have independence and helps them to develop their fine motor skills. Once the children had finished using the scissors one of them put the scissor blades near their fingers. This child was advised to remove the scissors away from their fingers and was told that this is not allowed to happen. This is so that they will understand that doing this is dangerous. I did this activity with around 6 children and was with a member of staff.

The children using scissors will develop their skills. For example they are able to learn to use the scissors more effectively and hand eye co-ordination. At the end of this session one of the other children took the pair of scissors and ran a little with them. I also advised this child that this is really dangerous and for them not to do it again as there could have been serious consequences. Whilst they were doing this activity I followed the rights of the children by making sure that they were not able to cause harm to themselves and other members of staff and children. I also made sure that the children were allowed to take risks when at placement. This is by them being able to use the scissors. It is good for the children to be able to do the risks to make sure that they develop skills that they will be able to use later in life. Another activity that I took part in was bubble painting.

This was where I put paint in a tray and added water. Once this was mixed properly I got the children to use a straw and blow through it to make bubbles. Once the bubbles were there a piece of paper was placed over them to create a bubble effect picture. There were two different trays of which one was purple and the other one was orange. This is so that they were able to make their own choice on what colour they wanted to use. Upon doing this I had to explain to the children how to work safely. This was by ensuring that they followed the instructions given. Some of these included making sure that they don’t put the liquid in their mouth, eyes and making sure that the correct clothing was worn. Whilst the activity was taking place the children was supervised. This was to make sure that they behaved appropriately. The children were encouraged to take turns when doing this activity with other members of the group. This was so that there were plenty of room for the children ensuring that none of the children got hurt. When I was doing the activity one of the children accidently sucked up the liquid through the straw. I made sure that they tried not to swallow it and I got them to spit the liquid out. Once they had done this I got her to rinse her mouth with water

. I did this activity with around 4 children and was made sure that there was a member of staff in the room with me. The children were able to develop their skills. For example they were able to use communication skills and social skills. This would be because they were able to talk with their friends and show each other the different pictures. They were also developing their emotional skills. This is because the children would be proud of their pictures. I followed the right of the children by making sure that they were able to have their own choice for example the different colours and the different activities. Whilst managing the risk I followed their right by making sure that they did not swallow the liquid and so not being harmed. Their right was also followed by them being able to use the different activities and so developing their skills. The children were able to have fun when doing their pictures as well as made sure that they were safe.

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