My college life ups and downs

My College Life Ups and Downs For us to be able to grow we must step out of our comfort zone. High School life, was always been my comfort zone. It is a time of my life when I was absolutely carefree about anything. But college is a different thing. People say that collage life is stressful; teachers are much strict and will give you a hard time and it is also our foundation to our brighter future. Lessons are tougher than high school that will leave your brain drained. College is also the time where we will discover so much about ourselves and life. It is the stage of your life where you grow as an individual ore independent and mature.

Simply college molds you as the person you will be in the future. First day of school June 2014 1 was happy but the same time I was sad because it is the first time that my best friend and I are not in the same school. It breaks my heart a bit because we graduated together in elementary and high school. But because we have to follow our dreams she has to go to the school that specialize her course and also I have to do that also. As I enter the campus of my new school I saw many freshmen students Just like me. Some are chitchatting with their old and new found friends.

Some are Just sitting there being shy, busy taking selfless with their cell phones and some are Just observing others. I was puzzled as I was not habituated to the ‘college-ways’ of things. The students in batches were moving up and down the corridors for their classes. The professors were coming smilingly and exchanging greetings with the students in a friendly manner. Luckily, my first day of school is not that tough for me because I have with me my old classmates in high school. I was so excited in meeting new people. It was a bit difficult at first to be with people I never knew. I didn’t know how I should behave Just to fit in.

But eventually, everything went smoothly. I met new friends. They make my college life easier and fun despite of our brain squeezing lessons and busy schedules. In college, as a student we are exposed to an ocean of challenges. Each individual learns to accept these challenges, work on them, develop strategies and plans, and motivate themselves to achieve success. The most challenging to me is time management. Now that we are in this stage, we must know to manage out time properly because managing our time in the right way will be a big help for us and in our studies especially our schedules are complicated.

Yes, we may have long vacant time but in these times there are also activities that we have to Join. Challenges are good for a person to learn, but sometimes they can be very stressful. The hardest part is Juggling everything while dealing with all of the tension. My personal flaws are certainly not easy to cope with. I have a really bad memory I easily forgot what our professors have discussed and sometimes a negative thinker which are traits that are not beneficial for me in any way. Another challenge is to maintain a social life and till do the things that I enjoy.

In my High school days me and my friends often go to a park where will hang out and enjoy each other’s company. There are times that you’re like a zombie, staying up all night to open your brain draining book to understand and review your lesson because there will be an exam and a quiz tomorrow. But as time goes by I think I’m getting use to it. It will be a part of daily living. Well, it is okay for me when the trophy of it is that I can hold my diploma after 4 years and be a successful medical scientist someday. We might encounter different things in college but everything happens for a reason.

Some things will makes us more confident and happy and some things will make us braver, stronger and wiser. Our Up and downs in college is an experience that is all part of growing up as a beautiful fabulous individual. But no matter what happens always trust yourself we can always do better next time. We learn from our failure not from our success. Because nothing is impossible the word itself says I’m possible. We should wake up every day with hopes that everything will be alright in the end because life goes on and on.

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