History of tgv cinemas


TGV Cinemas which is formerly known as Tanjong Golden Village has revolutionised the movie-going experience by being the first to introduce the multiplex concept. TGV Cinemas currently uses 100% digital projection, offering Malaysians a wide array of movies within one location. TGV is the second largest cinema chain in Malaysia. TGV Mines is very popular for its comfort, efficiency and convenience this multiplex with 1000-plus seats and 5 auditoriums is a hit with residents in Sungai Besi and its surrounding areas. A favourite shopping destination among the residents in this area, the Mines Shopping Fair is an ideal location for a TGV multiplex. TGV Mines has some features included 3D-X cinema halls, stadium seating, digital sound, double arm rest, disabled access and phone order. Their operation hours started from 10:00 am – 2:00 am. It is at Level 2 The Mines Shopping Fair, Jalan Dulang, Off Jalan Balakong, The Mines City43300, Seri Kembangan.

STEP 1: Decide on what movie and the time to watch it

The customers reach the theater and refer to the small TV screen displays to choose the movie they prefer and the time they want to watch it. The purpose of the small TVs placed in front of the ticket counter is to let all the customers to see the movies and the time available for every slot. This is very important for the convenience for every customer especially those walked in customers without pre-checking the movie will be showed on the specific day.

STEP 2: Buy and receive ticket
After the customers decide on the movie and show time, they line up and buy the desire movie show. Customers can choose the desire seat such as couple seat or normal seat. Customers will be informed the ticket price for particular movie they choose before they make payment. The price will be charged differently according to the blockbuster and the seat they choose. Early birds can enjoy lower price ticket where the show time is before 12pm. The customers make payment and the cinema crew will give them the ticket in return. The reason for giving ticket to customers is to prove their purchase and as an entrance pass to enter into the cinema. The seat numbers, movie name and show time will be listed on the ticket. This is to ease the customer to refer to the ticket whenever they leave the theater to washroom or get refreshments. The cinema crews are able to assist the customers to lead them to the right seat.

STEP 3: Get refreshments

Customers may buy foods and beverages at the cinema counter as outside foods and beverages are not allowed. There are many choices of foods and beverages available for customers such as popcorns, snacks, chocolates, sausages, carbonated drinks, mineral water and etc. at the affordable price. This is to ease the customers to purchase where refreshments are available any time even when the show is on. Meanwhile, this allowed the company to gain side profits by selling additional products. Customers can also go to the cinema washroom before the movie is showing.

STEP 4: Enter the theater hall to find a seat
Before entering the theater hall, a staff will be standing at the entrance to check the validity of the movie ticket purchased to avoid any fraud and invasion without a valid ticket. The staff will make sure the customers cannot enter the cinema with their pets along and access to the theater with food products which are not bought from their café and shops. Customers may enter the theater to find the right seat by referring to the tickets. As the environment and the light of the theater are dimmed, there are chances of customers unable to find their seats. If the customers fail to find their seat, the cinema crew will standby to lead them to their seat.

STEP 5: Watch movie
After the customers or audiences were being seated according to the selected number on the movie ticket, there is some commercial advertisements displayed on the screen before the movie show is begin. Some advertisements regarded to rules and regulations applied will be showing on the screen as well such as notifications of remind audiences to switch off their phones or switch to silent mode and digital devices is prohibited to record any sounds and visual image at the theater. This is to educate the audiences to respect
the copyright and related rights which cover a wide array of human creativity involved in the process of movie making. While watching movie, customers are forbidden to disturb other customers and ruin the cinema experience for them and put their feet on the seats. For those who purchased 3D movie, it is compulsory for them to return the 3D glasses to the staff upon leaving the auditorium.

STEP 6: Movie end and exit theatre
About 5 minutes before the movie is ending, the lighting system of theater will begin to switch on to notify the audiences that the movie is about to the end and also the purpose to brighten the theater hall for the audiences to be able to walk out from the theater in a not-so-dark condition to avoid any inconveniences. It is important to make sure the audiences can be walk safely to exit the theater in a dim condition. The Design or Arrangement at Cinema

1) Ticket counter
Ticket counter is the important place where customers need approach first to enter the cinema theatre. The ticket counter will be placed at the in front of the theatre, so that customer finds less difficulty in receiving the tickets. There is also will be placed few LCD screens above the ticket counter to show the now showing movies together with the showing time. This enables the customers to view the movie’s information and decide which movie to watch and the time of watching.

2) Food and Beverages counter
Food and Beverage counter will be right after the ticket counter. This counter promotes the food and beverage in combo packages to attract customer to buy instead bringing food from outside food stalls. The customer can bring this food and beverages into cinema theatre and enjoy the movie. This enlightens the customer’s perception and impression on cinema theatre.

3) Theatre seat order
The theatre seats order will be arranged as “stadium seating”. This arrangement of seats will help the customer to view the movie without any
consequences and disturbance. This make the customer satisfy and happy with the services provided by the cinema. The cinema also considers the comfortable and conveniences of customer by providing the seats are not overlapping and lean toward one another and have space between the rows. In addition, the seats order also placed higher than the front seats , so that it will not block the person’s view of the screen by the in front person.

4) Cinema entrance and exit
Cinema entrance is the main point where the customers need to show their movie ticket to get the entertainment service. This entrance usually will be in front of the theatre hall and can be said it’s beside the ticket counter. There will a staff or ticket checker standing at the entrance to check the tickets whenever customers get into theatre hall. The staff will also make sure those customers are not bringing forbidden items such as camera and outside foods. The exit cinema theatre will be inside the theatre where they provide a narrow path for the customer to exit from the theatre. This is because the service provider try to avoid the consequences that can be happen when the next show customer enter the hall are not bang with the customer who exiting after watch the movie. This also may avoid people dishonest by showing their duplicate movie tickets.

5) Restroom inside the cinema hall
The cinema also provides restroom inside the cinema hall as it can be comfortable, easier and convenience for the customers. This is because to avoid people walking around and moving out to go for restroom. Its can disturb the other customer who are sitting near to the entrance of the cinema hall whenever they open and close the curtain of the cinema hall. Moreover, outside restroom are far from the cinema theatre can cause them to drag a lot of time finding for the restroom and could miss the movie scenes. Therefore, by providing the restroom inside the cinema hall can make the customer friendly accessibility and enjoy the movie.

Why the cinema offering the services?
As we know that cinema is a profit organization which provide full entertainment package to the customers. The main objective of the cinema is
to make maximum profit for them and have a good reputation among their competitors. Therefore, they have taken their first mission to impress the customers by providing a satisfactory service towards them. In order to achieve their aim they have invest money to get the international recognition movies to attract customers.

By this way, the customer gets chances to watch the movies which can be their desired and admired movies or actor films. Therefore, the cinema is providing additional services such as early movie ticket booking or online booking via webpage and hotlines. This way can help the people who are busy working nowadays, who couldn’t find the time to purchase movie ticket, so this online booking service and hotlines can help them to book their favorites movie ticket to watch the movie.

Other than that, the customers also have the freedom to choose the seats in the cinema hall when they purchase the movie tickets. They also can choose either single seats or couple seats for them. This selection of seats also makes the customers to feel blessed because they may get space for their privacy and happy moment with loved ones. As the result, the customers are willing to pay more to get the good and quality services. Some of them are being loyal and faithful to the cinema theatre just to get and have a better service by the cinema.

Cinema is using this opportunity as a way to increase their profit and more income by having additional services such as food and beverage for the customers instead of just selling movie tickets to the customers. They have used their marketing strategy widely and extensively to attract the customers to choose their cinema theatre as the best choice or place to watch movies. The cinema service provider also has concern towards the precious facilities and accommodations to compete with their competitors which can lead them to be the number one entertainment service provider.

In conclusion, through our observation and research we conclude that cinema is one of the service providers that only distress on the profit which really in process of attracting the customers to their cinema theatre by
showing excellent and superb movies.

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