Essay stress among college students ideas

We live through daily hassles and also have to face real life experiences that have a negative affect on our emotions and our physical self. Stress becomes a part of life for us. Stress is defined as events that strain the physical being g and emotions of an individual through exertion of pressure (helped. Org 2010). Stress in most cases is usually an event. Whatever may cause the stress for us may be different for another. As a college student have and still do experience stress and much pressure on me.

There are many different factors that cause stress and college students, such as myself. One main factor that may cause stress among us college students is money. Since it is our first time out in the “real world” we don’t know exactly how to manage our money. We begging learning how to finance beјen room and board, our books, our tuition, and also food. As said by Zingier “Tuition, room and board at most private colleges now comes to be at least 7,00 not counting books and fees”(College Pressures pig. 2).

Since our tuition isn’t the cheapest it adds stress on our shoulders and we usually don’t know how to balance our money between everything we need to spend our money on. Another huge actor that causes stress among college students is our academic progress. When starting college, we don’t know what to expect. We always hear people’s different college experiences but can never really believe it till we actually experience it ourselves. Our first in college we usually approach the first semester like if we were still in high school because we don’t know what to expect.

When reality hits us and we finally see how difficult college is then there is where the stress gets worse. We have to learn how to balance our personal life with our college life. Also studying long hours and homework is a gig part of stress in the academic progress as a college student. Students who receive financial aide, such as myself, also have to maintain a certain GAP which then puts more on our shoulders. The future is also another part of stress on college students.

We know that by going to college that we can have a bright future, but if we don’t succeed in college then our future wont be as bright as we expect it to be. According to MASC., fifty percent of us college students change our majors at least once, but others change their major more than three times during their college years. Changing of majors so any times can add additional stress. Many students sometimes wonder if we even chose the right major, and if there will be any jobs availTABLE after we graduate with our degree. Also having money in the future through our careers brings even more stress to college students.

Responsibility is another huge factor in stress among college students. As college students we are faced with responsibility usually for the first time. We have to start paying bills, studying, and for some of us even working. According to Zingier ” it is not unusual for a student, even working part time at college and full time in he summer, to acquire 5,000 in loans after four years”(College Professors pig. 2). College is much more difficult than high school. Professor doesn’t worry about you like the teachers did back in high school.

If we didn’t do our homework than we just simply failed. Professor also doesn’t believe in make up exams. If we for some reason miss an exam there is no make up. Peer pressure doesn’t only happen with high school students, college students also experience it as well. WE face plenty of peer pressure during our years to receive our degree. Parties, drugs, and alcohol are some few things we get reassured into doing. Life fall into the trap of to much satisfaction we can jeopardize our academic progress and destroy our future we have set for ourselves.

It can bring much stress due to the fact that many students like to fit in with certain crowds. Family can also be a cause of stress towards college students. Family can influence us but they can also add stress to the process. May of us feel that we have to please our parents and do as they wish. Many of us choose our field of careers based on our parents either because that’s what they want for us or simply because our parents want us to follow in heir footsteps. We also get stressed when we see our grades and they are not up to our parent’s standards.

For us college students who leave for college, our parents can be strict at first since it is their first time letting us lives alone and o our own thing, which can cause much stress and add pressure on our shoulders. College students go through more stress more then we can even imagine. Stress is caused by many factors and can harm us college students and our career in the near future. Stress will only make our lives harder and more difficult on us and delay us from striving towards our goals and our future.

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