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Childhood Love Lessons Welts, scars, and bruises are just a few of the marks abusive parents leave on their children. However, a spanking or a light slap on the hand are some simple ways of teaching loving discipline. In Justice: Childhood Love Lessons Bell Hooks claims, “No one can claim to be loving when behaving abusively. ” Parents who abuse their child do not either show or teach love. Despite that it is unfair to say that a slap on the hand is abuse, and the parents who commit these actions are abusing their children.

There is a difference teen teaching with light physical punishment and abusing your child. “Children from all classes tell me that they love their parents and are loved by them, even those who are being hurt and abused. ” (Hooks 1). Love is one of the best feelings someone can experience. It makes a person feel safe, confident, and happy. This is not to say that I agree with Hooks when she states that any form of spanking or discipline is abuse. I believe the opposite. In my opinion a parent can spank their child or give them a light smack on the wrist when it is done correctly and in the proper instance.

To me if you were to smack your child for yelling and screaming that would be abuse, maybe not abusing your child but abusing your power as the adult in the situation. However, if a child were to repeatedly do something destructive, I. E. Breaking things, disrespecting people, or something of the sort, I believe that calls for spanking or some form of discipline. In another sense hitting your children just for doing something you don’t like is a bad case of leading by example. For instance if your child hits you, spanking them and hitting back is doing nothing but teaching them bad habits.

When children, especially young ones whose brains are still heavily influenced by a parents actions, get spanked out of pure anger from the parent they learn to associate anger with hitting people. In conclusion I disagree with Hooks to a certain degree. Believe that spanking is alright and acceptable in some instances when the circumstances call for it. I also believe it is better to lead by example and use words instead of resorting to hitting your children. Speaking to them rather than hitting is more constructive to developing minds and less detrimental to their growth and concept of love.

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